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Curso Inglés nivel 14

Curso Inglés nivel 14
El Curso Inglés nivel 14 es online, tiene una duración de 50 horas, un precio de 375 euros y va dirigido a personas con un nivel avanzado alto de... Seguir leyendo


Si has realizado este curso, ¿por qué no darnos tu opinión?. Si lo haces, estarás ayudando a miles de personas que, como tu en su momento, están intentando cambiar su vida a través de la formación. No hay mejor ayuda, para decidirse entre miles de cursos, que la opinión de una persona que ha vivido la experiencia de cursarlo, miles de personas te lo agradecerán.

Danos tu opinión detallada sobre el Curso Inglés nivel 14. No olvides decirnos que te pareció el temario del curso, el profesorado, la accesibilidad al equipo del centro para resolver tus dudas y, en el caso de los programas online, la calidad del campus virtual.

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Descripción del Curso

El Curso Inglés nivel 14 es online, tiene una duración de 50 horas, un precio de 375 euros y va dirigido a personas con un nivel avanzado alto de inglés.
En el Level 14 (nivel 14) el alumno continúa aprendiendo expresiones y frases hechas típicas de la vida cotidiana de países de habla inglesa. También sigue utilizando y repasando los tiempos verbales ingleses. 

Al final de este nivel el alumno podrá, entre otras cosas:
- Usar expresiones y frases hechas coloquiales
- Mantener diferentes tipos de conversaciones telefónicas
- Hablar sobre acciones y situaciones del presente, el pasado y el futuro
- Expresar sorpresa, asombro y enfado
- Expresar su opinión sobre personas y sucesos
- Escribir diferentes tipos de cartas informales
- Avisar y advertir
- Identificar y usar correctamente palabras inglesas y españolas que se parecen pero que no significan lo mismo

Este curso se dirige a personas con un nivel avanzado alto de inglés.
50 horas.

375 euros.

Unit 66
66.1 Use of English

· Expressions used with the prepositions 'from... to': to know something from A to Z, to go from bad to worse, from the cradle to the grave, from door to door, from pillar to post, from time to time
· Phrasal verbs: cut sth down, pick oneself up, put sth forward, go down (in sth), put sth down to sth, put sb / sth in for sth, to put up (for), leave sth / sb out, show off, split up, take sb / sth out of, take sb / sth on, throw sb / sth off
· Idioms with 'raise': to raise a smile / laugh, to raise the / a dust, to raise one's glass to someone, to raise someone from the dead, to raise one's hand to someone, to raise hell / Cain / the devil / the roof, to raise the wind, to raise sb's hopes
· False friends: complacent, complexion, comprehensive, concede
66.2 Structures
· Might, may, must and can't for deduction
· The passive voice
· Expressing wish and regret
66.3 Vocabulary
dust down, helpful, bit by bit, twin, set, goal, damage, wisdom, file, type, proposal, put forward, asset, tick, self-enforced, cut down, give up, anymore, on purpose, statement, dreary, drab, worked up, speechless, stash away, get carried away, tax, folks, distinct, punishment, enough, sit sth out, figure, guy, fine, uptight, one-night stand, snap out of sth, forgive, spread, wild-fire, jungle drums, raise, pry, nosy, rewarding, sort out, gossip, range, folk tale, Cinderella, deep, outwards, female, Little Red Riding Hood, watch out, screw up, fast lane, put sth down to sth, increasingly, break-through, rave, put up for, soul, trade, review, glowing, tidy up, creep, sheet, warn, engagement, punch, drive, interrelated, stroke, rough, poignant, masterpiece, craft, anger, amaze, resemble, corny, workload, god-damn, cable, suddenly, lap, vacuous, environment, earnest, charity, dirty, level, empty-headed, bitch, rouse, fault
Unit 67
67.1 Use of English

· Phrasal verbs: to hunt down, to pack up, to shack up (with sb), to blow sth up, to come across sb / sth, to drink up, to hang up, to pin sb / sth down, to rake sth up, to bring sth up, to check out, to fall for sth / sb, to go on about sth, to pick sth up, to run away with, to sit on / upon sth, to stumble on / upon / across sth
· False friends: concrete, condescend, conductor, conference, confidence
· Idioms with parts of the body: to welcome sb with open arms, to break the back of sth, to take a back seat, a bone of contention, a brain-wave, to play music by ear, to make eyes at sb, to lose face, to get one’s teeth into something
67.2 Structures
· Future forms: 'will' and 'going to'
· Dependent prepositions: angry / annoyed / furious about something, with somebody at what somebody says or does; aware / conscious of something; concerned about / for somebody / something; afraid / frightened / scared / terrified of something; astonished / startled / shocked / surprised / amazed at / by something; delighted / pleased / satisfied / disappointed with somebody, with / at / about something; nice / kind / good / silly / mean / polite / rude of someone to do something, to someone
· As if / as though / like
· Verbs and expressions followed by infinitive or gerund
67.3 Vocabulary
· malt, be attached to, gorgeous, jukebox, hostess, stack, left-over, jerk, shack up with, manly, slug, no longer, achieve, pack up, improve, fancy, trail, beyond, amount, hunt down, danger, close to, ashamed, commission, overall, damaged, bump into, picture, elusive, dark, refuse, pressure, regard, hard-working, reliable, chauvinist, sad, outburst, come across, settle, painfully, follow-up, keep off, taste, sex-crazed, rake up, wonder, hang up, hawk, bird of prey, impersonation, wrestle, burden, flatter, captivating, scream, understatement, lip, shine, bet, drink up, freeze, charm, loom, tune in, station, laughingly, still, blow up, shapeless, pin sth down, leave alone, all of a sudden, jaw, shark, scare, chilling, soundtrack, beg, stumble on, get trapped, mistake for, oblique, outright, bring up, sit on, pick up
Unit 68
68.1 Use of English

· Phrasal verbs: to be / get mixed up in / with sb, to call sb in, to come up with, to go round, to build up, to face up to sth, to get rid of sth / sb, to hang on to sth, to put sth off, to put sth out (of), to sweep away, to be up to sth, to get at sth, to go over sth
· False friends: consign, constipated, content
· Ways of looking: to gaze, to glance, to glare, to glimpse, to notice, to peep, to peer, to scrutinize, to spot, to stare, to watch
· Some idioms with the word 'way', to go out of one's way (to do sth), to make one's way in life, to pay one's own way, out-of-the-way, on the / one's way, to have / get one's own way
68.2 Structures
· Can and Could: Permission, possibility, ability
· Verb inversion (2): clause with so + adjective, clause with so + little, few, much, many or such + noun, clauses with here, there and other adverbial expressions of place, in short answers of agreement with so, neither and nor
· Used to / would for past habits
· Verbs followed by the bare or full infinitive
· Verbs not normally used in the continuous forms
68.3 Vocabulary
· call in, missing, self-absorbed, guilt, likewise, nuisance, be racked with, inability, flippant, cling, mistake for, capable, kidnap, mugging, encounter, raise, body, conclusive, soothe, go-ahead, come up with, whether, trust, getting away, numb, awake, comprise, average, unsettling, glimpse, goggle, stare, decline, bullshit, ease, drop out, go through, bluntness, idiocy, blow away, abducted, mob, Godfather, suck, stew, track, goods, hat, get rid of, canvas, sweep away, stuff, spare, come to terms, loss, allow, mourn, mishear, mood, till, boat, romp, apologize, build up, part, put off, available, locations, edgy, reporter, male, keen, sunset, laze, in the throes of, madness, stand out, stunning, waterfront, guiltless, scale of values, guts, muse, think out loud, wealthy, stress
Unit 69
69.1 Use of English

· Phrasal verbs: to be on to sth, to be worked up, to get to sb / sth, to keep on (doing sth), to pop over, to tip sb off, to break up, to crack up, to come down to it, to come on, to get through (to sb), to make sb / sth out, to settle on,
· False friends: contest, cup, deception, demand
· Idioms with 'up': the ups and downs (of sth), up and about, up against sth, up and coming (of persons), up and down, (on the ) up and up
· Idioms with colours: to have something in black and white, the black sheep (of the family), to be browned off (with sth), to have green fingers, to be green, the green-eyed monster, to be in the pink, to see pink elephants, to see the red light, to catch sb red handed, a white lie
69.2 Structures
· Word formation: suffixes '-ate', '-ful', '-ive', '-ous'
· Present perfect or past simple?
· No longer, not any longer, still and yet
· Make and Do
69.3 Vocabulary
· be seething, bleak, hateful, passing, clumsy, blundering, gruff, matter-of-fact, chin, file, pop over, moronic, tip off, distrust, vouch, whereabouts, alibi, demeaning, convey, at least, sneaking, disdain, hold together, break up, crack up, race, the Saviour, cool, collected, blind, acclaim, sucker, to be up against, spit it out, drop it, heal, dilute, weak, remind, inconceivable, brief, screen, aim at, come up with, pool, joint, thoroughly, remove, give away, suit, remaining, waste, depth, refer to, slip, in exchange, suspicious, reassuring, pointless, get through, make out, spread, to that extent, signal, bewildering, bow, quit, figure of speech, seize, in the way, slap, meanwhile, heiress, tycoon, be in jeopardy, owing to, unavailable, furthermore, fickle, punish, hang over
Unit 70
70.1 Use of English

· Idioms with the word 'brain': to beat or rack one's brains, to blow out one's brains, to have sth on the brain, to tax one's brain, to turn someone's brain
· False friends: intend, pretend, deposit, devolution, devolve
· Phrasal verbs: to be / get stuck with sb / sth, to be through with, to go ahead, the go-ahead, to wipe off, to wipe out, to write sb down as, get out of (doing) sth, get over sb, get through (to sb), lay oneself open (to sth), lean towards
· Ways of speaking: argue, call, chat, express oneself, gasp, gossip, mutter, retort, snap, shout, stammer, whisper, utter
70.2 Structures
· 'Provided' and 'Unless'
· Adverbial time clauses: when, as soon as, as, while, hardly... when, no sooner... than
· Verb +`preposition
· Reported speech: questions, commands, requests, advice, exclamations
70.3 Vocabulary
· supportive, drop into a habit, deal, get out of, loads, quake, subtly, lie, so what?, drift, speech, shrewd, tread, outcome, lust, drool over, fancy, brain cells, freak, in a nutshell, doubt, distracted, chain, handy, cover, drawer, card, lock, notice, wipe off, replace, research, casualness, ruthless, meaningless, display, conduct, contentious, get through, inability, threat, foundation, otherwise, endless, chatter, rely on / upon, remain, debatable, so far, Fortune Cookie, lean towards, date, somehow, sound, matter, trace, assume, joke, bother, disturbance, whoever, risk, understanding, disappointed, flattering, curse, puffed up, impressive, ditto, Mars, piecemeal, labour, smug, conceited, prig, swoon, useful, budding, be averse, tuning, gee!, carefree, slander, breed, punk, spread