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Curso Inglés nivel 8

Curso Inglés nivel 8
El Curso Inglés nivel 8 es online, tiene una duración de 50 horas, un precio de 375 euros y va dirigido a personas con un nivel intermedio alto... Seguir leyendo


Si has realizado este curso, ¿por qué no darnos tu opinión?. Si lo haces, estarás ayudando a miles de personas que, como tu en su momento, están intentando cambiar su vida a través de la formación. No hay mejor ayuda, para decidirse entre miles de cursos, que la opinión de una persona que ha vivido la experiencia de cursarlo, miles de personas te lo agradecerán.

Danos tu opinión detallada sobre el Curso Inglés nivel 8. No olvides decirnos que te pareció el temario del curso, el profesorado, la accesibilidad al equipo del centro para resolver tus dudas y, en el caso de los programas online, la calidad del campus virtual.

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Descripción del Curso

El Curso Inglés nivel 8 es online, tiene una duración de 50 horas, un precio de 375 euros y va dirigido a personas con un nivel intermedio alto de inglés.
En el Level 8 (nivel 8) el alumno consolida su conocimiento de los tiempos verbales ingleses y amplia su vocabulario para poder defenderse en una amplia variedad de situaciones cotidianas en un país de habla inglesa.

Al final de este nivel el alumno podrá, entre otras cosas:
- Expresar y resolver problemas
- Escribir diferentes tipos de cartas
- Dar su opinión sobre situaciones y acontecimientos
- Expresar sentimientos como simpatía y vergüenza
- Pedir una mesa en un restaurante y pedir la comida
- Expresar con más detalle  probabilidades y certezas
- Describir una receta culinaria y cómo hacerla
- Escribir cartas informales
- Hablar sobre el medio ambiente
- Expresar su opinión sobre un artista o un concierto
- Hablar de y analizar sus hábitos de estudio
- Usar verbos compuestos

Este curso se dirige a personas con un nivel intermedio alto de inglés.
50 horas.

375 euros.
Unit 36
36.1 Grammar areas

· preposition + noun
· quantity adjectives
· present continuous passive
· past continuous passive
36.2 Vocabulary areas
· in a restaurant: apart, aside, be full, bean, beat, boiled, boiled potato, broccoli, brown, cabbage, chicken Kiev, chop, cockroach, cod, consommé, cordon bleu, course, crab, deep fried, dish, dizzy, escalope, french fries, fruit cake, fry, frying pan, garlic, gateaux, get through, go through, grilled, hake, hot chocolate, How would you like it done?, jacket potato, main course, main dish, medium, menu, mushroom, olive oil, omelette, pea, peel, pinch, pork chop, prawn, prawn cocktail, rabbit, rare, recipe, red pepper, roast, roast lamb, roast potatoes, rosemary, sardine, sauce, saucer, scampi, settle for, simmer, slice, smoked salmon, sole, soup of the day, squid, steak, tart, tuna fish, well-done
· general: addict, adore, arrogant, awkward, bill, bone, bull, by mistake, cheeky, cocktail bar, confident, confirm, confront, crossword (puzzle), dull, electric fire, foolishly, funny-looking, have an affair, heating, instinct, jam, jealous, mailbox, make sense, make-up, moody, no wonder..., now and then, occasional, remarry, run up, shopping, sixth sense, skin cream, stepchild, stepdaughter, stepfather, stepmother, stepson, stroll, take a look, tap, toy, traveller's cheque, waste, water
36.3 Functional areas
· asking, offering and suggesting at the restaurant
· giving instructions from a recipe
· speaking about sentimental problems
· writing a problem page letter
· giving advice
· explaining the reason for a situation
· writing a letter asking for money
· making promises
· describing someone's physical appearance
· explaining situations and actions in the past
36.4 Useful expressions
· What will you have?
· What would you like...?
· I'll start with the...
· I'd rather have the...
· in that case
· to live apart
· What comes next?
· have an affair
· Pull yourself together!
· Cheer up!
· Would you be so kind as to...?
· to waste one's time
· Good grief!
· turn upside down
· every now and then
Unit 37
37.1 Grammar areas

· get + adjective
· adverb formation
· expressions with 'can't'
· adjective + preposition
· hear and see
37.2 Vocabulary areas
· adjectives à adverbs: bravely, capable, capably, due, duly, freely, gentle, gently, immediate, truly, whole, wholly
· caring for the Earth: accumulate, accumulation, agricultural, agriculture, alarming, alternative, atmosphere, become aware of, chop down, coal, ecology, ecological, ecologist, face, fossil fuel, greenhouse, greenhouse effect, inner city, metal, plastic, pollute, pollution, population explosion, recycle, reduce, sewer, spray, unleaded, use up
· haunted houses: boom, crack, creak, floorboard, giant, haunted, lightening, mate, piercing, pitter-patter, scream, shadow, silence, slam, thunder, warn
· general: address, alarm clock, Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), bear, breathing space, card, cliff, comical, complicated, disappointed, fail, gratitude, handwriting, healthy, hopeless, ideal, love-sick, meet, nightclub, nought, only, owe, pleased, possessive, reality, rubber, satisfied, space, solve, stand, stand for, stare, straight away, use, write back
37.3 Functional areas
· writing an informal letter
· speaking about feelings
· expressing fears
· asking for and giving advice
· making a speech
· speaking about one's experiences when young
37.4 Useful expressions
· I look forward to seeing you
· What does... stand for?
· It stands for...
· an only child
· How come?
· Why is it that...?
· What's wrong?
· What's wrong with that?
· I can't bear the thought of seeing...
· I can't help remembering...
· I can't stand shouting
· sooner or later
· to be on a diet
· Things are getting more and more complicated
· have something to do with
Unit 38
38.1 Grammar areas
· the comparative
· so / too
· another / other(s) / the other
· probability and certainty: must / can't / might
38.2 Vocabulary areas
· craftwork: bookbinding, bracelet, brooch, calligraphy, craft, craftwork, craftsman, do a course, dressmaking, glass-blowing, necklace, pottery, precious, run a business, souvenir
· contacting the spirits: consult, contact, dearly departed, deception, deceased, esoteric, fake, phenomenon, spiritism, trickery
· general: Arabic, baby-sitter, binding, blackboard, cellist, chambermaid, cheer, curry, debut, dishonest, do a good job, do well, evidence, fist, frustrated, genuine, gradual, gradually, irresistible, keep on, love, make money, make fun of, mark, microphone, native, newborn, operating theatre, ordinary, overnight, piece of music, premiere, promising, raised platform, remove, Rumania, run for, scientific, sell-out, settle down, sheet of paper, sincere, snail, so many, so much, soloist, surgeon, teapot, tease, too many, too much
38.3 Functional areas
· expressing one's opinion about someone
· asking for information about someone
· making comparisons
· expressing one's opinion about a performance
· toasting the success of someone
· explaining what someone does
· expressing probability and certainty
38.4 Useful expressions
· What's he like?
· I'm just teasing you
· I'm kidding
· I'm joking
· to take the plunge
· Just what do you mean by that?
· make a/any difference
· love at first sight
· to bring the house down
· have a look
· take a glance
· Break a leg!
· get out of hand
· lose control
· make one's debut
· It's kinda strange
· to become rich overnight
· You are a fake!
· three times over
Unit 39
39.1 Grammar areas

· present and past participles
· adjectives describing people
· personal pronoun - 'she'
· prepositional phrases
39.2 Vocabulary areas
· personal descriptions: hard up, marrow-minded, pig-headed, snob, strait-laced, straightforward, tight-fisted, tight-lipped, two-faced, well-heeled
· a leisure cruise: beauty, beauty salon, call at, comfort, deck, four star, go on a cruise, health club, leisure, leisurely, magical, palm, palm tree, sun deck, upper, yacht
· general: adsorbing, advance, amazed, amusing, baptise, baptism, be absorbed in, be amused by, beforehand, broad, cello, Christian, commemorate, contact lens, cutlery, cutlery set, daytime, deserve, devise, disappointing, do a survey, do gym, doll, draw, drawing, duty, expectation, fine, found, founder, frightening, frustrating, glamorous, godfather, godmother, golden wedding anniversary, gym, gymnastics, horrific, horrifying, in advance, intimate, loads of, medal, modelling, nighttime, orchestra, out of order, penny, report, set, shorts, spoilsport, sports car, surprising, think up, toaster, topic, violinist
39.3 Functional areas
· making plans to discover something
· asking about the meaning and spelling of a word
· making and accepting invitations
· giving advice
· speaking about hypothetical situations
· giving information about a holiday
· speaking about a dream one has
· writing an informal letter to a friend
39.4 Useful expressions
· How do you say...?
· How do you spell...?
· What does... mean?
· jump to conclusions
· in your life
· Don't be a spoilsport!
· Come again?
· To my surprise...!
· that's very kind of you
· lots and lots of
· take something seriously
· as smooth as silk
· a dream come true
· That's wonderful news
· How did it go?
Unit 40
40.1 Grammar areas

· to make
· phrasal verbs
40.2 Vocabulary areas
· shopping terms: altogether, browse, cashmere, come to, cotton, crystal, establishment, go with, greengrocer's, hardware store, health-food store, hosiery, leather, off-licence, paper, price, sheep, silk, silkworm, tool, vase, wool
· disastrous accidents: as a result of, be affected, to bring someone to justice, disaster, disastrous, get away with, iceberg, off the coast, offshore, oil slick, oil-tanker, petroleum, seal, sea otter, sink, spread, spread like wildfire, strike, walrus, wildlife
· general: artiste, Atlantic, badge, brain, cardboard, ceiling, common, cucumber, emerald, fan, feel obliged, flour, get out of, hull, ingredient, island, look into, maiden name, nod, occur, on account of, prescribe, prescription, put off, sapphire, seaside, set back, shelter, stadium, tomato, trap, vinegar, West Indies, wood, workaholic
40.3 Functional areas
· giving a (un)favourable opinion about something
· writing a formal letter
· making exclamations
· asking for someone's identity
·  asking someone to do something
· giving orders
· expressing admiration or surprise
· asking for the price of something
· explaining the characteristics of a garment
· expressing embarrassment
· expressing sympathy
40.4 Useful expressions
· have a gift for
· get the impression
· make an impression on
· not to think much of
· tell a story
· keep an/your eye on
· How much is it?
· Could you tell me how much... would cost?
· What is it made of?
· Can I try it on?
· there's no point in
· it's no use
· have in mind
· how embarrassing!