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International MBA - Master of Business Administration

International MBA - Master of Business Administration
Resumen Área: Dirección General y Administración Tipo de Programa: MBA Modalidad: Presencial Dedicación: Full Time Campus: Barcelona Centro Asociado:... Seguir leyendo


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Descripción del Máster


Área: Dirección General y Administración
Tipo de Programa: MBA
Modalidad: Presencial
Dedicación: Full Time
Campus: Barcelona
Centro Asociado: UPC
Inicio: 24 de Octubre 2007
Final: Julio 2008
Horas: 1200
Idioma: Bilingual: Spanish / English
Horarios: Oct.-Jul.Monday to Friday 9 am - 2 pm & Oct.-May. Monday to Thursday 3.30 - 5.45 pm
Precio: 17500€


The International Master of Business Administration-IMBA is recognised worldwide as an advanced course of study that prepares people for business management and leadership responsibilities.

In order to successfully achieve the objectives of the companies, the programme integrates all the areas of business to implement the most adequate policies and strategies. The IMBA recognises the emergence of an international trade culture at all levels of business activity, as well as the fact that managers’ qualifications and competencies need an international dimension. The world of business requires professionals who have knowledge of different fields in international business management, and skills such as flexibility, adaptability, reflection and creativity. The IMBA provides students with a framework to develop a successful international business strategy. It is targeted at business professionals, managers, and consultants.


We are especially interested in achieving one primary objective: transferring the most adequate methods and systems to our participants. EAE is therefore focused on making them highly effective and competitive managers.

Perfil de los participantes

The International MBA programme is targeted at university graduates or specialists who wish to develop in depth an understanding about the function of business management and methodologies before entering professional life. The programme is also targeted at those people with previous professional experience who strive to expand their knowledge of business practices to include the most up-to-date techniques of business management.

Plan de Estudios


- General Accounting and Financing
- Cost Accounting
- Analysis Financial Statements


- Information System Management
- E-Business
- Computer and Technology Information Systems


- Theory, Structure and Political Economy


- Financial decisions
- Cash & Credit Management
- Financial Calculation
- International Finance and Corporate Finance


- Global Economy
- Cross Cultural Management
- Internationalisation of Enterprises
- International Trade
- Business Strategies


- International Business Law


- International Project Management
- Financial Planning and Budget Control
- Business Game
- Quality Management


- Business Communication - Management Skills
- International Human Resources Management
- Emotional Intelligence


- Operations Management


- Market Research
- Sales Forecast
- Sales Policy
- Marketing Policies and Concepts
- International Marketing



According to the general requirements of the International MBA programme, participants who have complete their studies obtain a double qualification:
- An International MBA - Master of Business Administration Degree through EAE, and
- A Master of Business Administration Degree through the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

Sistema Evaluación

The process of individual evaluation is based on written tests, role playing, and group and individual projects, in addition to daily classroom work. Evaluation takes into account several factors: level of knowledge, development of analytical and diagnostic skills, contribution to the group learning process, planning ability, leadership and initiative. There are different factors of evaluation in each subject, and as a result, lecturers explain the course contents and objectives at the beginning of each semester


The course content of is not limited to theory alone, the practical application of these theories is thoroughly addressed to develop efficient decision-making overtime. EAE has gradually developed a process of interactive learning, which focuses on student interaction.

The methodology employed by EAE in the development of its academic programme is more than simply focusing on the educational training of future leaders: EAE participants must develop management competence to adapt to and drive changes within an organisation. Therefore EAE applies a methodology of an eminently practical character that combines an explanation of the principals of diverse management areas, with solutions to numerous practical cases based on the reality of current management activity.

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