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Master Deusto MBA

Master Deusto MBA
El Master Deusto MBA es presencial y se imparte en Madrid y País Vasco. The MBA program at Deusto Business School offers a disruptive approach, combining... Seguir leyendo
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Si has realizado este curso, ¿por qué no darnos tu opinión?. Si lo haces, estarás ayudando a miles de personas que, como tu en su momento, están intentando cambiar su vida a través de la formación. No hay mejor ayuda, para decidirse entre miles de cursos, que la opinión de una persona que ha vivido la experiencia de cursarlo, miles de personas te lo agradecerán.

Danos tu opinión detallada sobre el Master Deusto MBA. No olvides decirnos que te pareció el temario del curso, el profesorado, la accesibilidad al equipo del centro para resolver tus dudas y, en el caso de los programas online, la calidad del campus virtual.

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Descripción del Máster

El Master Deusto MBA es presencial y se imparte en Madrid y País Vasco.

The MBA program at Deusto Business School offers a disruptive approach, combining an international lecture experience in Bilbao and New York with a professional experience from the very beginning of the program.

Five Disruptive approaches.
-Personalization (small group size)
-Professional experience from the beginning and during the program
-Taking place in Bilbao-New York
-Opportunity to work abroad 3-5 weeks in a developing country
-Internship opportunities

-International faculty and student body
-One year program
-More than 70.000 alumni worldwide
-Career Service
-Strong business curriculum with a focus on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Digital Business and Sustainability.
The MBA is the result of two converging realities:
On one hand, the long-established prestige of Deusto in the education of the most representative corporate leaders in Spain today due to its rigorous approach to the fundamentals of management.

On the other hand, the new international trends in business education, centered on the three dimensions of sustainability, digital networked strategy and innovation and entrepreneurship. Specifically, by creating its new MBA, Deusto Business School aims to be a pioneering school directly inspired by the framework of the UN-supported initiative, Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

Deusto MBA sets you apart and gives you a genuine edge in the labor market. Whether your goal is to further your career within your present company , take on new or global responsibilities, or pursue an entrepreneurial route, the Deusto MBA will provide you with the ability, vision and confidence to operate successfully anywhere in the world.

-The practical business expertise and the new approach to management theory that you develop at Deusto will change your attitudes to decision- making and give you the ideas, inspiration, and network of contacts to shape your future career.
-You will be equipped to move quickly and confidently up the career ladder.
-The program will enable you to make the transition from a technical or functional role to a general management position.
-The elective portfolio allows you to specialize in the relevant subject areas of today's business world.
-The period of Service Learning offers a challenging experience that is designed to develop practical skills and heighten your social awareness.
-You will gain entrepreneurial skills to help you develop your own venture or implement innovative ideas within your company or organization.
-You will build an international network of personal and professional contacts.

Tuition fees

€24.500: covers accommodation during the electives courses in New York and service learning
The tuition fees do not cover living expenses.
10% discount for University of Deusto Alumni.

Requisitos del Máster

Admissions Process
To initiate your admissions process for the Deusto MBA, you will need to have completed the following:
-A Bachelor's degree at an accredited college/university or equivalent.
-Some professional post-graduate experience.
-The application form completed

Given the differing professional demands of each individual, Deusto Business School offers a rolling admissions process. As such, there are no submission deadlines for any particular intake. The admissions process starts upon your submission of the application form along with the supporting documents.

The application form provides the Admissions Committee with fundamental information when it comes to evaluating candidates. It is therefore essential you include detailed information on relevant academic and professional achievements, together with concerns, aspirations and motivations that could support your application.

For additional information about the Application requirements, Entrance Exam and Language certificate please contact the Admissions Office

Application Pack
Submission of the required documents including:
- Application form completed click here to download it
- Academic Accreditation, Bachelors Degree or equivalent (transcripts and diploma)
- Entrance Exam Results (GMAT - The official code for Deusto Business School is HLJ-NS-92, or an internal test of DBS will be available in some exceptional cases)
- Language Certificate (TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge)
- Two recent passport?size photographs, with your name written on the back.
- Curriculum Vitae
- A letter of recommendation, from your previous or current employer.
Review and assessment of the above by the Admissions Committee. An application for admission may be rejected during this stage of the evaluation process. If the application is accepted, the admission procedure continues. 
-A personal interview in English by the Admissions Director. 
-Candidacy evaluation by the Admissions Committee   
-Definitive acceptance

Destinatarios del Máster

Deusto MBA is not a traditional program and is not for everyone. It is designed for participants who seek to enhance their managerial competencies and skills, whilst developing the appropriate attitudes and aptitudes for solving the management and leadership challenges of the 21st century. In short, we are seeking to help shape authentic managers of change who are prepared to look for more complex but sustainable solutions to the corporate global challenges of today and of the future.
Deusto MBA aims to train leaders and this can only be achieved in small groups. Therefore, in order to optimize the transmission of knowledge and the acquisition of skills, the Deusto MBA limits its classes to 40 participants.
Diversity in the Background of  Our professional and academic staff
Diversity means that each group is offered a variety of ways to reason, analyze and approach relevant concepts. This also provides a crucial synergy that enriches the learning experience.

geographical and cultural variety
The global orientation of the international Deusto MBA gathers a group from different backgrounds, cultures and personal experiences who study and work together as a team.

The presence of women in the course
In order to break with the typical 'glass ceiling' of traditional MBAs, where average female participation stands at a scant 30%, a balanced presence of women is another criteria employed in forming an MBA group at Deusto.

Objetivos del Máster

Deusto MBA delivers a unique experience to participants through its approach and methodology. The differential nature of the program is encapsulated in four specific features of the curriculum:

1. The Approach to Sustainability:
The Deusto MBA program focuses on sustainable business. The approach to sustainability, therefore, is embedded in all areas of business: Economic Environment, Strategy, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Development and Human Capital, Operations, and Management Control. The integration of sustainability within the business strategy involves many transformations that take place at the different level where business firms acts , which are all covered in the Deusto MBA. It focuses on a relational approach from the individual and collective leadership to the political role played by firms at the global governance:

The individual sustainable leadership, the impact of individual decision-making process into organizational change, requiring managers and leaders to develop new skills and knowledge such as a deeper comprehension of societal challenges, a broader approach of the company productivity and growth and the capacity to work in collaboration across profit and nonprofit spheres.

The collective sustainable business change, reconceiving sustainable products and services embedding environmental, social and governance concerns as key innovative processes, and the recognition that new business models are emerging embedding sustainability and shared value as a key driver for sustainable growth and competitiveness.

The embedding of sustainability into the Organizational strategy, creating shared value and reconceiving the intersection between society and corporate performance, meeting society's broader challenges and reconnecting business success with sustainable growth ad societal progress and social justice

The Sustainable global supply chain, how shared value strategies connects through technology and social innovation improving efficiency, creating sustainable jobs and building social and economic wealth throughout the global supply chains.

The networked governance model: the changing political role played by business firms at the sphere of global governance becoming a key reference for international principles and the meeting of global environmental, social and governance challenges through the growing interconnection of global sustainable business standards and multi-stakeholder initiatives

Therefore, sustainable businesses and committed managers would become global leaders and relevant actors who are capable of solving the pending problems on the global agenda allowing companies to growth creating economic value and at the same time creating societal and environmental value and leading social innovation and corporate accountability. These new businesses may take up new roles and will become part of the sustainable global supply chain. Other dynamic capabilities and sustainable policies, practices, behaviors, and methods may emerge. Finally, the concept of leadership will also be closely connected with that of sustainability principles and behaviours.

2.  The approach to the Digital Networked Enterprise:
Throughout the Deusto MBA program, the digital and networked world of individuals and organizations is analyzed at five levels:

The digital individual: the impact of information technologies on people.

The virtual team: teams living in different places and time zones that need to be managed through the new digital environment.

The integrated organization: the enterprise applications that help businesses optimize their resources and improve their internal processes.

The networked enterprise: how technology allows networked coordination between enterprises within the supply chain.

And finally the internetworked business: the superior level in which all society (individuals and enterprises) is connected through information technology.

The current model, now on its way out, implies a collaborative, horizontal way of thinking and working. That is why new practices, behaviours, and processes are emerging and businesses are taking up new roles. Therefore, at each level, the Deusto MBA program examines the impact of different enabling information technologies and digital platforms on individual and team behavior, organizational practices and methods, business processes, culture and structure, and business transformation.

3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a hands-on approach to a Real Project:
In the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Deusto MBA program uses two initial building blocks as methodological approaches throughout the program:

-Critical thinking.
-Creative leadership.

In each semester, there are one-week modules on the relevant topics:
-Early Growth-oriented Entrepreneurship.

From day one, each participant actively engages in a project that lasts throughout the Deusto MBA. The participant chooses a project from one of two relevant areas:

An innovative start-up: the participant is put in contact with new entrepreneurial ideas, working closely with Deusto Entrepreneurship Center in setting up a new start-up venture.

An innovative, intrapreneurial project within a company: in this case, a commitment will be made between Deusto Business School, the participant, and a company. The company will design an internal project to be implemented by the participant that will be monitored by the training program.

In both cases, the participant will have three tutors: an academic tutor, who will support the student from an academic point of view; a corporate tutor, who will track their progress in the program, and a personal coach, who will be in charge of fostering the participant abilities. All three tutors will provide the participant with the vision, tools, organizational skills and the personal competences necessary to become an executive of an innovative business.

The program extends the scope of work to the impact of companies in communities in developing or emerging countries. For a period not exceeding 5 weeks, these field examples offer participants a unique, transformative and vital opportunity to put into practice lessons learnt in the classroom, inviting them to become competent, conscious, committed and compassionate leaders.

Temario del Máster

Semester 1-Spring: The enviroment and the Company
During this semester, students will become familiar with the content of the course and the skills needed to heighten their awareness of the context and environment in which companies operate.

Then, students will work on the execution of strategy, i.e. how to sell a product or service, how to organize a company and how to prepare to implement operations.

From an international perspective, country analyses and the macro and micro perspectives of the global economy, students will gain the skills needed for formulating a strategy for aligning global trends with local markets. This will be supported by financial analysis and an examination of capital markets.

With this background, students will master the implementation of any strategy, will identify the most critical parts of the company, and will discover the link between them. Managers-to-be need to be aware of change management techniques and how to work in teams in order to transform them and/or a company.

Semester 2- Fall: Electives and Service Learning
This semester takes place in Bilbao and New York, and focuses on the elective courses. The students will be able to choose electives from four different tracks: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Finance, Sustainability and the Digital and Networked Enterprise.

It is expected that students will chose four electives courses during this period: two in Bilbao and two in NY.

Deusto MBA delivers a unique experience to participants through its approach and methodology. The differential nature of the program is encapsulated in four specific features of the curriculum.

Whether you are looking to advance your career in your existing company/organization or wish to explore alternatives in your chosen field, the Career Services Team at DBS will help you to raise your career to the next level. This service is available during the course of the MBA and during the year following your graduation and, on the basis of your individual profile and preferences, offers a personalized service to aid your career prospects and facilitate contacts between you and recruiting companies.
As you progress through the Deusto MBA program, we offer you the opportunity to work with a dedicated career/executive coach to identify the best possible ways to achieve your goals and support your career development. Executive coaching is complemented by a series of workshops and lectures on career development topics. This program of career support will take place in Bilbao and is designed to equip you with:

-A heightened awareness of what you want to achieve in your career
-An outstanding CV
-Practical networking skills
-Increased confidence and tips for success at interviews
-A good knowledge of working with head-hunters
-A thorough understanding of how to advance your career

Career resources at the DBS alumni association
As a graduate of Deusto Business School and as a member of the Deusto Business School Alumni Association, you can benefit from the Alumni Career Services - a service that is dedicated to helping you at whatever stage in your career, circumstances or geographic location. Whether you are actively looking for a job or just want to keep in touch with the market, services such as the Alumni Contact Network, Alumni Job Notice Board and the Alumni CV Data Bank are invaluable resources for your future professional development

- Alumni Contact Network - a searchable database and hardcopy booklet containing information on DBS alumni in companies throughout the world
- Alumni Job Notice Board - Searchable database of available jobs
- Alumni CV Data Bank - Include your CV in the Deusto Alumni Data Bank

We advise you to contact the Deusto Business School Career Services Team early in the MBA program to maximize your career strategy and to find out about opportunities for participating in extra-curricular activities. We can contact ex-alumni on your behalf who work in your field or geographical location in order to leverage our worldwide network of contacts in top organizations.