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Master Global MBA (English)

Master Global MBA (English)
El Master Global MBA (English) se imparte en modalidad Online. Online Global MBA Global Business Management The Global MBA from OBS Business School has... Seguir leyendo


Si has realizado este curso, ¿por qué no darnos tu opinión?. Si lo haces, estarás ayudando a miles de personas que, como tu en su momento, están intentando cambiar su vida a través de la formación. No hay mejor ayuda, para decidirse entre miles de cursos, que la opinión de una persona que ha vivido la experiencia de cursarlo, miles de personas te lo agradecerán.

Danos tu opinión detallada sobre el Master Global MBA (English). No olvides decirnos que te pareció el temario del curso, el profesorado, la accesibilidad al equipo del centro para resolver tus dudas y, en el caso de los programas online, la calidad del campus virtual.

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Descripción del Máster

El Master Global MBA (English) se imparte en modalidad Online.

Online Global MBA Global Business Management

The Global MBA from OBS Business School has been ranked as one of the best in Spain in the 2015 Online MBA Ranking by Mundo Posgrado. Furthermore, both the Global MBA and the Executive MBA from OBS have been selected as the best online MBAs in the 2015 Iberoamerican Training Ranking for 100% online courses.

The Online Global MBA in Spanish from OBS Business School focuses on developing the leadership skills and abilities needed to manage global businesses. What sets this programme apart is that it provides its participants with all the tools they need to successfully manage companies with a high rate of internationalisation and innovation, in different kinds of management positions – management control or senior management – and whatever the size of the organisation. With the innovative philosophy of the programme, OBS aims to provide a vision of the starting point for the future of global business management.

Furthermore, the programme offers its participants a new and pioneering Professional Skills Development Programme, developed OBS and delivered by recognised professionals and experts in Human Resources.

In the field of business management and administration, a higher education certificate in Management is absolutely crucial. This has been shown by a study published by the Executive MBA Council, which stated that the salaries of MBA participants rose by 11.4% between the beginning and end of their programmes.

Requisitos del Máster

Requirements and Qualifications
The fundamental goal of our application process is to ensure the suitability of candidates. All participants must get the most out of this learning experience via a context in which it is possible to develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni.

What are the stages of the application process?
STEP 1: The candidate must meet our application prerequisites.

STEP 2: If the candidate profile fulfils these, a telephone interview with a member of the Application Department will be conducted.

STEP 3: Having passed the interview, the candidate must submit the required documentation to start the application process, including a letter of motivation.
Beforehand the candidate will have to complete the application form, which will collect information and documentation supporting his/her academic and professional profile: Curriculum vitae, letter of reference/recommendation, academic degree and language accreditation certificate if necessary.

STEP 4: With this documentation and the report from the Application Advisor, the Application Committee shall examines the candidate's record and certify that he/she meets the profile to complete the Master’s.

STEP 5: The Application Advisor will inform the candidate of the decision made by the Application Committee, which will enable the candidate to enrol in the programme if positive.

Double qualification
People who successfully complete the programme will earn a Master’s from OBS Business School also, participants who meet the academic requirements set for universities will obtain the Master’s from the University of Barcelona.

Destinatarios del Máster

Career Prospects:
The following are examples of sectors that our students could move into:
-Import-export businesses
-Health sector and pharmaceutical industry
-Manufacturing industry
-Communications and advertising businesses
-Regulatory bodies
-Technology sector
-Banking sector
-Service sector
-Accounting and consultancy firms
-Infrastructure management
-Multilateral institutions

Objetivos del Máster

Aims of the Online Global MBA
-Defining the correct strategy for businesses to successfully compete in the markets where they operate, whether local or global.
-Mastering the global and competitive context of the businesses in which we currently work, drawing up optimal strategies for the internationalisation of businesses.
-Developing our abilities to analyse the local and global economic context, learning how to detect and evaluate the influence of the changes taking place around us.
-Developing in-depth knowledge of marketing functions for businesses, analysing new communications and marketing tools available to us thanks to the internet and the digitalisation of society.
-Developing more up-to-date sales policies and the various sales strategies available to us, with particular focus on managing the sales network and data analysis as the main element when defining efficient sales strategies.
-Understanding staff management as an essential element in competitive environments, with particular focus on creating strategies for the staff of a business. We will look at human resources management as a basic tool in the business world.
-Providing knowledge of the essential accounting techniques that are required to be able to analyse a business’ financial statements, obtaining the annual accounts and the profit and loss accounts to allow regular analyses of solvency, managing the generation of cash flow, efficiently monitoring costs or knowing how to calculate the profitability threshold.
-Developing the necessary financial skills, analysing the feasibility of investments and understanding how capital markets function.
-Drawing up a competitive Business Plan for the company, and knowing how to promote it internally to get it approved.

Temario del Máster

Syllabus of the Online Global MBA

The programme is divided into different modules:

-Strategic Management: An International Perspective
-Accounting Management
-Negotiation in a global environment
-Global Supply Chain Management
-People management: A Global Perspective
-Bid Data in the global economy
-Corporate Financial Management
-Investment valuation
-Corporate Social Responsability
-Global marketing
-International Financial Management
-Global e-business strategies
-Cross cultural management
-Global Economic Environment
-Regional Economic Environment I: European markets
-Regional Economic Environment II: American markets
-Regional Economic Environment III: Asian markets
-Change and Transformational Leadership
-Strategic management in a global environmet
-Virtual Team Management
-Global Strategic Planning
-Business Plan and/or Business Game (Final Project)
TOTAL ECTS Credits 60

Duración del Máster

Duración: 10 months
Metodología: Online