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Master in Marketing Management + CEMS MIM

Master in Marketing Management + CEMS MIM
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NOTA IMPORTANTE This full-time, combined programme lasts 12 months. Once all the modules have been successfully completed, the participant obtains the... Seguir leyendo


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... following combined degree title: Master in Marketing Management from ESADE. Master in International Management from the Community of European Management Schools. The combined programme requires participants to gain professional in-company experience abroad and includes training in languages (business Spanish, French or German) and a three-month Exchange Programme at one of the prestigious universities in the CEMS network. Financial Times (September 2005) “Two ESADE programmes ranked among the top ten universities” ESADE’s Master of Science in Management was placed 6th in the first European ranking of “Masters in Management” (MSc) produced by Britain’s “The Financial Times”. The CEMS Master in International Management (a qualification recognised throughout Europe but which can only be obtained in Spain at ESADE) was ranked 3rd.


The Combined Programme is designed to provide participants with a practical and comprehensive introduction to the latest tendencies in Marketing. With its innovative methodology, aimed at teaching and developing managerial skills, it prepares participants for managing complex projects in all kinds of organisations. It also provides them will access to the Community of European Management Schools, a European network of prestigious universities and companies


The combined programme is aimed at recent graduates in Business Management (or similar disciplines), who are fluent in three languages (one of these being English): their mother tongue and two foreign languages


Programme syllabus: The programme is made up of five parts, designed to provide participants with a gradual introduction to the world of marketing management:

- September 06 - December 06: Keys to a Professional Career in Marketing

- January 07: Personal and Professional Development

- February 07 - April 07: Development of a Marketing Profile

- April 07 - July 07: Research Project

- September 07 - December 07: CEMS MIM International Exchange Programme

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Titulación oficial Master in Marketing Management (Universitat Ramon Llull)
CEMS Master in International Management (CEMS)